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You will be served for the time you spend on this site. Anything you say, post, read, do, think, eat, observer, surf can and will be used against you in a forum of 'as-if' law. You have no right to anything mine, nor yours, nor your mothers. If you do not have a mother one will be appointed to you. You assume full resposability for all unauthorized charges to your credit card. I am not watching you through your web cam. I have not hacked your computer. I do not know where you live, what you drive and what you had for breakfast last tuesday. Yes, those socks make your ankles look fat, and that look on your face comical to look at. People may or may not laugh at you as you walk, jog, run, crawl or cart wheel down the street. I, nor any affiliates of, nor it's ascotiates, are permitted to agree with your views in poiltics or religion. We have a religion, and we do not have horns. Cars have horns. We are not cars. Cars cannot type. We are not computer geniuses, but we know anything and everything we need to know to party like a rock star. You were not as cool as us in the 60's.

Good day, sir.

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I'm a Mormon.