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Well, for starters, I DO NOT OWN THIS WEBSERVER.
Web space has been issued to me freely on this server or my own independent use.
All web pages within this site( the phpBB forum) including the styles, layouts, images; were created, scripted and are modified ONLY by the one person(as to date November 4th, 2015), Me(Taylor). Any page where divine help, assistance, or script borrowing was involved by any party, will be exclusively noted within the page. When, and if I receive help or partnership from any party for this site as a whole, or majority (as decided by me, as to previously noted date), their recognition shall and will be recognized within these "Site Credits." I should however give a big thanks to the folks at and PHP is the code and scripting of this site. If there's something I can't figure out how to do or a PHP program feature I desire to know more about, has help me figure it out so far. Not to bad for a rookie like me. And even if MSDN is controlled by microsoft, it is a pretty good source for loads of information about programing in general. If I had more time for all the things I want to do.

Program or Major Affiliate notices:

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FireFox really used to be my favorite browser. Then Chrome was born, and it was fast, sleek, simple. In the passing years, I think Chrome has become over bloated though. Firefox now performs better, and doesn't take so much computer resources. Who knows why chrome has gotten so fat... People are complaining about it a lot, and google doesn't seem to care. I've also got a MacBook Pro, on which Safari works the best. Especially for watching web videos. Chrome and Flash on a Mac do not get along. Google also has yet to address that issue. Which leads to Safari and Firefox being the best. Strange world.

Get Paint - Free Image Editing/Creation Program
Paint.Net is possibly the best FREE computer program to ever have come across my path! It's tools and extensions have been amazing to me with both my photo editing, and random photo creations. Professionals that use Photoshop might complain, bicker and rip your head off. And thats only because they pay hundreds of dollars for what they have; While, the average to above average computer users, are getting many of the same basic tools free of charge. Weather you like my website layout or not, I created my layout images with For the simple design I was going for, was an excellent tool. For the pity of me, I know it is capable of so much more.

Mypsaces -
Ok, while may be all but extinct, I remember the time it was the most popular social media site. Most notably, that's when customized profile designs were a popular thing. I was working on my own version of a profile generator. If MySpace had stuck around, I might have succeeded in making some money off of it too. My space was kind of simple, but did allow you to include CSS code in your profile. This meant you had full control over changing the looks and appearances of your profile. I had created some pretty wicked profiles myself. But not that many people know how to code, which lead to a lot of people turning to MySpace style generators created all across the web. This also brought virus to some peoples pages, copy and pasting code that had malicious scripts in it, undetectable to the unlearned eye. This copy paste method also made it hard to update your information if you chose to, or if you wanted to switch styles, it was difficult. With my generator, users would save their desired profile information to an account created on my website, then they could click through my database of MySpace styles, get a live preview of what their actual MySpace would look like with that style, then be given the code to copy and paste into their MySpace profile. Since their information was on their account of my own website, it would make switching styles or updating information easy. BUT, Facebook became the dominating social media site of choice. MySpace was pushed into the dark, and has since remodeled their website to be more of a music sharing site. No more custom profiles :(

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